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  Live Support Center to answer many customer enquires

E-marketing Solutions
A Website is an innovative channel between your customers and you. “Communication” is the key for catching potential customer needs. This tool can make you easily invite online visitors to open chat and you can monitor each visitor’s browsing record from search engines, referral sites, first time or repeat visits in real-time. Also, you will know visitors’ searching keywords that find your site, and then you can know what they really need.

Live Support Solutions
Visitor can easily open a chat window with your operator by simply clicking the Live Support Button. Visitors don’t need to install any software and register login IDs because the chat window is web-based. This powerful Live Support Tools supports multi-operator and multi-department even if the operators are located in different countries. It supports internal chat for internal instant messaging and supports the chat-transfer for transferring the chat to other operators. The chat window also supports files transfer, push website technology and emotion icons.

Enterprise Website Solutions
The administrator can real time monitor the chatting content between visitor and operator. You can always check the history of chat and generate the report of Web Traffic, Operator Attendance Record, Referral Site and Top 10 Search Keywords.


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